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“According to your faith be it unto you.” (Mt. 9:29)

When Jesus asked two blind men if they believed that He was able to give them sight, they replied that they did. As
He touched their eyes, He said, “According to your faith be it unto you,” and their eyes were opened.

It would be easy to conclude from this that if we just have enough faith, we can get anything we want, whether
wealth, healing, or whatever. But that is not the case. Faith must be based upon some word of the Lord, some
promise of God, some command of Scripture. Otherwise it is nothing more than wishful credulity.

What we learn from our text is that the extent to which we appropriate the promises of God depends on the measure
of our faith. After promising King Joash that he would have victory over the Syrians, Elisha told him to smite the
ground with his arrows. Joash smote three times, then stopped. Elisha angrily announced that the king would have
only three victories over Syria whereas he could have had five or six (2 Kgs. 13:14-19). The measure of his victory
depended on his faith.

It is that way in the life of discipleship. We are called to walk by faith, to forsake all. We are forbidden to lay up
treasures on earth. How far do we dare to go in obeying these commands? Should we do away with life insurance,
health insurance, savings accounts, stocks and bonds? The answer is, “According to your faith be it unto you.” If
you have faith to say, “I will work hard for my current needs and the needs of my family, put everything above that in
the work of the Lord, and trust God for the future,” then you can be absolutely certain that the Lord will take care of
your future. He has said that He would and His word cannot fail. If, on the other hand, we feel we should exercise
“human prudence” by providing for a rainy day, God will still love us and will still use us according to the measure of
our faith.

The life of faith is like the waters that flow from the Temple in Ezekiel 47. You can go in to your ankles, to your knees,
to your loins—or, better still, you can swim in them.

God’s choicest blessings, of course, are for those who trust Him most fully. Once we have proved His faithfulness
and sufficiency, we want to put away the crutches, props and pillows of “common sense.” Or, as someone has said,
“Once you walk on the water, you never want to ride in a boat again.”
Below is a meditation written, by Mr. William MacDonald. 1917-2007
RICHARD COOLEY will be our speaker
on F
ebruary 25, 2018 for the Family
Bible Hour service at 11:00 a.m. Richard
and his wife Nancy have fellowshipped
at Grace Bible Chapel from childhood.
They have two adult children and two
grandchildren. Richard is a graduate of
Bob Jones University and a retired art
teacher.  He  teaches in our adult Bible
class that is currently studying in
Exodus. He and his twin brother David
take part in our singing groups. Richard
is also an avid golfer.