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“Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.” (Heb. 13:13)

We learn first from this verse that Christ is the gathering center for His people. We don’t gather to a denomination, a
church, a building or a great preacher but Christ alone. “Unto him shall the gathering of the people be” (Gen. 49:10).
“Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice” (Psa. 50:5).

A second lesson is that we must go to Him outside the camp. The camp here has been defined as “the whole earthly
religious system adapted to the natural man.” It is the religious sphere in which Christ is dishonored or downgraded.
It is the pagan monstrosity that masquerades today as Christianity, “having a form of godliness but denying the
power thereof.” Christ is outside, and we must go out to Him.

We also learn that meeting to Christ alone outside the camp involves reproach. It seldom occurs to Christians that
there is reproach connected with obedience to the Lord in the matter of church fellowship. More often church
associations carry a measure of prestige and status. But the closer we get to the New Testament ideal, the more
likely it is that we will have to share His reproach. Are we willing to pay that price?

He called me out, the Man with garments dyed,
I knew His voice—my Lord, the crucified;
He showed Himself, and oh, I could not stay,
I had to follow Him—had to obey.

It cast me out—this world when once it found
That I within this rebel heart had crowned
The Man it had rejected, spurned and slain,
Whom God in wondrous power had raised to reign.

And so we are without the camp, my Lord and I,
But oh, His presence sweeter is than any earthly tie
Which once I counted greater than His claim;
I’m out, not only from the world, but to His Name.

Below is a meditation written, by Mr. William MacDonald. 1917-2007
Jenny & Fred Kosin
Fred Kosin will be our speaker at the Sunday
School and Family Bible Hour services on April
23, 2017. Fred is known as a "Missionary to
Missionaries". He wrote recently of his ministry
in these two paragraphs:

My calling is to faithfully declare the whole
counsel of God as best I can under the direction
of the Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
We are always encouraged by the good healthy
hearers of the Word which we know will go forth
and bear much fruit. But we are willing as the
scriptures portray, vividly warning those who
are not doers of the Word because they are only

We are grateful for many opportunities to
“Preach the Word, to be instant in season and
out of season…” Though we encounter the
varied reactions to the Word of God mentioned
above we press on knowing that fruit is in the
hands of the Lord while the Word of God is in
my hands. So like the sower we broadcast the
seed knowing some falls where we might not
want it to fall. We remind ourselves; the
condition of the soil is the responsibility of
others. So we sow, others water with prayer,
God gives the increase. We are grateful to be a
part of this process. We covet your part of
watering the soil and the seed. Your
participation will soften the soil and spring the
seed from the soil in resurrection.